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 The RPO's on the Tennessean ran through (Southern cars). I don't know about the other trains.
Jim Nichols
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 Hi all,I was chatting via Zoom with a local group of model railroaders about my proposed model trackplan for a 1957-era Bristol yard. One of them asked whether RPO’s, and/or REA cars, were routinely set out/picked up in Bristol?
And I had to admit I did not know.
We collectively theorized that the RPO’s on the run-through N&W/Southern trio of named trains likely arrived and departed Bristol without any such swaps. 
Is that correct, ye who were there in days of passenger service?
The question did raise in my mind the locals that the N&W and Southern ran, which originated or terminated in Bristol? Did they routinely include working RPO’s?
I know they carried mostly head-end traffic; much of it seemingly storage mail, based on car types in photos I’ve seen.
To sum it all up, were RPO’s and/or REA cars routinely added/subtracted/stored at Bristol?

Thanks much.
Andre Jackson

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