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   1.  At a place where no spare pool of equipment was maintained (like Bristol,) imagine that the only available RPO car were shopped out for some problem which could not be remedied in time to make the train.  .
Abe:In the final years of service to the Abingdon Branch, a turn originated at Bristol onWednesdays only.  Average weekly revenue traffic was 7 cars per week. Was thispractice in effect in the 1950s ?Looking at N&W's Radford Division Time Table #10 (eff. 04/29/1958) no coal facility was inplace at Abingdon. No schedule existed for a Bristol-Abingdon train -- but rememberthis was Traffic Control territory and it may have operated as an extra..  No passengers were handled Bristol-Abingdon. To avoid paying an additional percentage  (joint facility accounting) for use of the Bristol .psgr station,  I wonder if the train originated/terminated at the Bristol freight facility ?  Mail ?  Did other trains deliver/receive mail at Abingdon for
the Branch rather than handling the mail at Bristol ?                              Harry Bundy
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