Ed King Book - Are We There Yet....

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Thu Jun 2 10:32:08 EDT 2022

Well.....no, we are not.

In May, an additional 8 books were pre-ordered, bringing the total number
of pre-orders to 193.  We are 7 pre-orders away from making the publication
of this book a reality.

Please remember the NWHS generates more revenue from its own projects than
from third party vendor products.  The revenue generated by this book will
go towards maintaining the archives and other Society projects.

Thanks to all who have pre-ordered.  Hopefully, this time next month I will
be able to report that we have reached, or surpassed, our goal of 200

So, please, take the time now to pre-order a copy of Ed King's book, *Memories
of an Appalachian Railroad Man*


Thank you.

Jim Brewer
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