Twelve Pole Fast Line (Naugatuck to Kenova)

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Sorry what confused me was you referring to the Big Sandy Low Grade Line as the Tadpole which it is not. Tadpole historically is the Twelve Pole Line . in the modern era I guess some people have referred to the Kenova District as the Tadpole . Maybe confused by some hats they made one time . But living right here in between the two lines never ever herd it referred to that way .


Larry Evnas


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      That 155 lb. rail must have come off the Lenore Branch maybe sure did not come off the Kenova to East Lynn portion best I remember there was not anything that  heavy mostly  85 and 100. 


No, Larry, the 155 lb. rail was originally in service on the Big Sandy between Webb and Neal. The Scioto Division track chart I have is dated 01/01/1984, so I can't be more specific.  After the fit rail was brought to Roanoke, cropped and welded, a portion went to the Buchanan Branch on the Pocahontas Division. Talking 1984 here -- the chart shows the Wayne Branch was laid mostly in 136 lb. welded rail as far as Dickson (M.P. N-553) and a mixture beyond.

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