Y class compound cut-off thoughts

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Improvements on the Compound Mallet begins on page 65 of the revised edition.


Bud Jeffries


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If I am not mistaken, I think Bud Jeffries covered this in his book.


Jimmy Lisle




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Subject: Y class compound cut-off thoughts 


It occurs to me and of course there is no guarantee that it would have been the same, but nevertheless, there's a new toy around operating in this world out of Cumberland the lateness of its manufacture and the manufacturer strike me, not to mention all the total rehab work done it, that maybe, just maybe these various cutoff questions might be answerable from the proper parties who understand such things, if asked by the right persons to the RIGHT persons and at the right times and places.


Maybe it was the same or similar to N&W, I dunno, but it sure can't hurt now can it?


Not a sermon, just a thought.


Bob Cohen

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