The Walton-Pelton Freight Running Track

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Oh'tapper of the grapher' AB:
I have questions for your questions:
Was the freight running track in the middle or, eventually, one of the
outside tracks?
Where was Hornbarger's switchback? In my 50+ years visiting Vicker (in-laws
lived in the Hornbarger house), never heard of it. Asking since the
Hornbargers were some of the main settlers in Vicker, aks Vickers, Vicker
Switch, Vicars. As you may know, Vicker is at 295 MP.
Not necessarily Sincerely,
Left-tenant Long of English decent

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> It just dawned on me that there are some things I do not know about the
> Walton to Pelton Freight Running Track.
> 1.  When was it built?  Was it part of the Charlton Grade project, between
> Hornbarger's Switchback and Vicker ?
> 2.  How was the switch at the Pelton end handled, back before the
> interlocking of switches at a remote distance from a tower?  Pelton is no
> place to be stopping an eastbound coal train (with a pusher behind it, no
> less) so the Brakeman can open a switch.
> 3.  When was that switch remoted to BX Tower at Christiansburg?
> Any takers on these issues so vital to national security...?
> -- abram burnett
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