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I just checked my commemorative coffee mug from the Williamson convention;
it was 1992, so Petersburg was 1993.

Also at Petersburg, was the first time NWHS had drinking glasses available
with logos on them; it also marked the release of the re-publication of the
Virginian pamphlet, *Coal on the Move.  *A funny story about the
re-publication of that pamphlet.  I had obtained a copy of it many years
prior to 1993; when NWHS first started to reprint N&W materials, I sent my
copy to our printer, Walsworth, for them to give us an estimate of costs.
Unknown to me, about a week later, it was returned by UPS and set by the
side door; my dog was outside at the time and chewed it up!  I didn't know
if Walsworth had made any copies (this is way before scanning) so I was
somewhat in a panic as to what to do.  Fortunately, Marty Swartz had a copy
of the pamphlet and graciously allowed it be used so we could complete this

So sometimes, the dog really does eat your homework!

Jim Brewer

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> Petersburg was the year after we went to Williamson for the One Hundred
> year anniversary of the Ohio Extension, complete with an appearance of
> Class J 611.
> Yes, the hotel had gone from more than acceptable to a dive; one elevator
> worked, most of the time; the same guy who was the "elevator mechanic" was
> also serving in the buffet line.  As Frank stated, all of the
> activities were superb.
> I would note it was at the BOD meeting at this convention that we
> decided to go ahead and rent a space for the archives; up to that point,
> Charlie Schlottober had been stashing stuff everywhere he could to preserve
> it.  We decided to rent the vacant store front next to Bob Bower's train
> store.  And the rest, as they say, is history.
> Jim Brewer
> On Wed, Aug 24, 2022 at 6:36 AM NW Mailing List <nw-mailing-list at>
> wrote:
>> I'm reasonably certain it was the 1995 convention.  The hotel was just
>> awful.  The banquet, at the hotel, was sub par; I think the Directors'
>> wives pitched in to get the banquet going.  The hotel was very short
>> staffed.  Two elevators, one of which was broken.  Poor Roger and
>> Sherry(sp?)had checked the place out six months ahead of the convention,
>> and in six months it changed hands, went way downhill and was a complete
>> mess by the time we were there.  A lesson for people who take on convention
>> chairing.
>> The convention itself, the tours, and the activities were still just
>> fine. Lot of great memories of people, some of whom aren't with us
>> anymore.  It was better than a great hotel with a terrible convention. I
>> think I have a picture of a display of cabooses, including 4 or 5 Virginian
>> cabooses in different shades of red.
>> Thanks Jerry (who has chaired a few fine conventions, btw).  I think that
>> historical convention list is on the website somewhere.
>> Frank Bongiovanni
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>>> For those of you who remember the "adventure" that was our Petersburg,
>>> Va. convention, it's been announced that the old Ramada Inn is finally
>>> going to be torn down.  I used to have a list of all our convention
>>> locations and dates but it has since been lost to time and several hard
>>> drive crashes, so I don't remember the date, but for those of us who were
>>> there, it will go down as one of the most interesting conventions we have
>>> ever had.
>>> Jerry Kay, Jarratt (formerly Portsmouth) Virginia
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