Abingdon Branch: West Jefferson to Elkland

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abram -
can't help you on anything but the power.
M's didn't come on the branch ntil they eliminated the facility at Abingdon
and started running the train out of Bristol.  Documents I read at Bristol
Shop  said that when the train ran out of Abingdon there was a W- 2 number
771 used on the branch.  If I had to guess, I'd bet that the power that
went to Elkland was probably a class G.
Hope this helps a little bit.

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> Need the Old Wise Men to give me a push... The T.T. of September 7, 1930,
> shows a round trip Second Class Mixed Train, Nos. 216 and 215, between
> Elkland and West Jefferson, daily except Sunday.
> No. 216 left Elkland at 715 AM, scheduled arrival at West Jefferson 845
> AM.  Returning, No. 215 left West Jefferson at 145 PM, scheduled arrival
> Elkland 315 PM.
> This says to me that the engine was kept overnight at Elkland.  Which
> means there was coal available there, and an engine watchman who took care
> of the fire and water at night, and on Sunday.  (If the engine were an M,
> it was probably traded out at West Jefferson with the engine on one of the
> thru trains to Abingdon, when boiler wash was due.)
> On this 20 mile extension of the Abingdon Branch, there were open
> Telegraph Offices (which, in N&W-speak, meant Train Order Offices and Block
> Stations, and in this instance probably meant Agency stations as well) at
> Fleetwood, Brownwood and Elkland.
> Does anyone know the details of the operation on the West Jefferson -
> Elkland portion of the Abingdon Branch?
> I would not want to be the extra Brakeman, Fireman or Engineman deadheaded
> down to work that job out of Elkland.  You work it all week and on the last
> work day, Saturday, you are stuck in fly-speak little Elkland with no way
> home, and only a horse-hair bunk cushion on the caboose and a coal stove to
> sustain you until No. 216 runs again on Monday morning !  If that were me
> in such a predicament, I would steal the engine and wild cat up to West
> Jefferson !
> Enlightenment, please... !
> -- abram burnett,
>          Turnip Influencer
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