Location of N&W RR general office during 1890 - Stone 1907 Map

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To Abram's point, I'll post the larger file here with the map and key,
hopefully it will have enough resolution to dig around and see what the
various buildings are. This is a fun map, enjoy!

Stephen Warren

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> Thanks to Cardinal Stefanos von Warren for posting a segment of that 1907
> Stone Printing Co. map of the Holy City.
> But might I ask his Eminence to check the map again and tell us what
> identification it places on the structure keyed as "3" ?
> That location was, before it burned on March 1, 1934, the headquarters
> building for the Radford and Shenandoah Divisions.  Since I never heard a
> formal name for that large structure, I am curious to know how the
> map-maker identified  it.
> Also, if anyone has an N&W real estate index or Valuation Inventory,  I am
> curious to know what construction date is assigned to that building.  My
> guess is that its construction followed not long after the Shenandoah
> Valley was absorbed by the N&W Railroad.
> -- abram burnett
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