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 was in cab of 2057 in 1957 Galex Va. - Arrow has several pix  - waiting to see if they'll publish - - Ron Hash
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Thx for the reply. I'm pretty certain the front number plate reads 2057 
which means this is a Y3. Pls correct me if you see something else 
indicating otherwise. I have a vague memory of seeing a another photo 
somewhere of a Y3 w/o a front mounted bell. It caught my eye because it 
was so unusual.

John Garner

2087 is not a Y3. It is a Y4. As far as I know ALL Y3's had bells 
mounted on the front. Y4's did not.

Jim Nichols

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Anybody care to share how many Y3's didn't have smokebox mounted bells.
Not many I assume. Here's one.

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