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On Wed, Jan 18, 2023 at 10:36 PM Ken wrote:

> Tyler
> I’d like to invite you to jon the N&WHS and share your research in the
> form of an article for the Arrow.
> In the passenger era, roughly prior to the mid-1960s, the N&W and other
> railroads commonly ran special trains, and or special cars on regular
> trains for groups or events.

Tyler also asked the question in the *Fans of the Norfolk & Western and
Virginian Railway* group on Facebook. I pointed him to an article I put
together for the VT history page about a Corps of Cadets trip to the
Charleston Exposition in 1902. They were not overly complimentary of the
N&W in the story in the yearbook but the Richmond reporter gushed a bit.


Bruce in Blacksburg
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