N&W Builds Its Own: The Roanoke Shops - Historian Albert Burckard - Wed, Feb 1 @ 7 pm at Lee Hall Depot

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Wed, Feb 1 @ 7 pm

N&W Builds Its Own: The Roanoke Shops, presented by Historian Albert Burckard. 

The former Norfolk and Western Railroad (now Norfolk Southern) was a US class 1 railroad, formed by more than 200 railroad mergers between 1838 and 1982.  It was headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia for most of its existence.  In addition to the corporate offices, N&W not only repaired rolling stock in their shops, but was famous for building their own steam locomotives and hopper cars.  Admission is free.  Light refreshments served and a door prize drawing!

Cosponsored by the Lee Hall Train Station Foundation and Newport News Historic Services.  The Lee Hall Depot is located at 9 Elmhurst Street in Newport News.  For additional information, www.newportnewshistory.org or (757) 525-7372.


Mary Kayaselcuk

Historic Site Coordinator
Lee Hall Depot
c/o 1884 Warwick County Courthouse
14421 Old Courthouse Way
Newport News, VA  23608
mkayaselcuk at nngov.com
(757) 525-7372  Cell


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