[StBernard] More Debris Pick-Up

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Wed Jul 5 18:30:52 EDT 2006

I have yet another block that needs to be cleaned up a bit. It seems that I
could watch the debris pile up for months with no-one coming to haul it away
and once I post it on here, its gone in a matter of days. For that, I
heartily thank Craig since I'm pretty sure its his doing.

So here goes. In the 3800 block of Lyndel Drive between Genie Street and the
40-Arpent Canal, we have several piles of debris. In fact, closer to Genie,
the piles are haphazrdly dumped on top of the drains and the street is
flooding slightly. And further down, we're living across the street from a
relatively large pile. There are also several flooded cars and further down
the street a boat as well. I'd really appreciate it if you could once again
work your magic and have it picked up for us soon.

I understand that the crews are working non-stop but I think that they need
to have somebody driving all the streets and looking for the debris piles.
We're in the back and it seems that no-one comes back here except when I
specifically ask for it. Or maybe setting up a hot-line where residents can
call and inform them where some debris is wouldn't be a bad idea. It would
free up this board for more important issues and Craig wouldn't have to
interecede on our behalf. Just a thought.


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