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Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Jul 29 00:41:45 EDT 2006


the news release did not cover the plan for a memorial near the bell by the
civic center that is being planned as well- anyone who wishes to contribute
can do so and designate it for the Katrina Recovery account specifically for
the memorial.

Good luck and God Bless,

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While I think the thought of having a cross erected in memory of the victims
is wonderful, and we should have some place for a memorial to those who
perished, first responders and the survivors, I do not think the chosen
location is the right place. I have doubts of how permanent this location
will be once the next hurricane comes along.

It is wonderful that the businesses who contributed to this memorial have
given us something to have in time for our first anniversary of this
significant date in St. Bernard history. However, I feel a more permanent,
memorial or monument should be constructed in a place with better access by
the family of victims and residents. I would like to suggest to the
decision makers that they consider an ever better memorial such as the one
being designed for 9/11 or the one in Oklahoma City. This should be in a
place where visitors to the area will never forget what happened in St.
Bernard Parish on 8/29/05. It should be something that honors the victims,
first responders from near and far as well as those who have given so much
to assist in the rebuilding.

My personal suggestion would be to have it constructed on or near the
Battlefield. As the bulk of the visitors to St. Bernard Parish usually come
to the Battlefield, it would have the most visibility and be in a prominent
place for all to see. In this location, it could also be a reminder to all
ships coming and going on the Mississippi. We need to be sure America never

Whereas those who are still in St. Bernard and those who have left St.
Bernard cannot agree on everything, I think it would be a tribute to all if
everyone came together as a team to make this memorial a reality. It could
be built from those old rusty pennies you found in the house or a brand new
dollar bill you just got from the bank. I think with a fund set up and all
size donations accepted, we could leave the parish with something that will
be there for future generations for years to come.


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