[StBernard] permits

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Thu Aug 10 22:39:37 EDT 2006

Good move by the council and admin. to start a process to issue a
re-building permit. Only wish it would have been done sooner so that people
would have documentation. For example, my electrician and plumbers filed
permits, but the homeowner doesn't get a copy of that. It's between them and
the parish. I'd like to see homeowners not at the mercy of a plumber or
electrician for proof of repair work for both FEMA and insurance purposes.

I'd also like to suggest that the parish charge a nominal flat fee, $10
even, to accompany the new permit application form being created. It's
additional proof because then the parish has to give you a receipt, you will
have a cancelled check for the permit, and without fees coming in, the
Office on Community Development is probably in financial dire straits at a
time we need it most.

With regards to this permit, it needs to be available asap.The news release
said it would be on the internet and at the parish admin building next week.
I understand homeowners in the oil spill area have been waiting a month
since the council said these people have to sign yet another NEW RELEASE
form in order to have their homes demolished, in addition to the right of
entry and demolition forms they signed eight months ago. However, this new
demo form has yet to be made available. This new permit isn't going to help
most people if it isn't processed by August 29.

Deborah Keller

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