[StBernard] FEMA Advisories

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Wed Aug 16 21:49:10 EDT 2006

Craig, care to elaborate on this one?

It appears that you are saying that the council is leaning towards NOT
adopting the FEMA's ABFE (elevation as the strategy is to place any
emphasis/responsibility to the homeowner who applies for LRA money--that one
NEEDS to start rebuilding (plans with electrical, plumbing, etc. permits
AFTER gutting homes/structural engineer.

Ok, let's say this plan goes hand and hand with those who wish to
rebuild/remodel in the damaged property/ home or on same property.

What about the masses who do NOT wish to build on that site, but relocate
elsewhere? Is there a plan as not to burden the anxious homeowner who does
have a choice of rebuilding elsewere, either away from damaged area in St.
Bernard or beyond? I'm sure that the parish would not purposely demand one
to use his/her last vestage of funds to a losing cause or an economical bad
decision to throw good money out with the bad? What effort is ongoing that
helps/protects those who do not wish to reconstruct on the same site?


> Subject: [StBernard] FEMA Advisories

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> Jim,


> The general feeling of the council is not to adopt the ABFEs - the

> indication by the LRA rep Paul Rainwater is that the LRA may shift the

> responsibility for adhering to the ABFE for individuals who plan to

> access the LRA money and who have not begun the rebuilding process.

> The alternatives that are being developed by the council and

> administration are responses to the ever changing FEMA and LRA guidelines

and obstacles.


> Good luck and God Bless,

> Craig

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