[StBernard] direct tv

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Wed Aug 16 21:51:51 EDT 2006

When I was in a FEMA trailer in Elmwood, next door to Cox headquarters, they
weren't interested in putting a line over the fence to feed cable tv to a
dozen trailers so we all went with Direct TV. I called Direct TV with the
national headquarters no. and although I had to wait two months, I finally
had my appointment and it was done very well. The others used these
independent installers and my installer was appalled at how they ran the
lines into those trailers. When I moved back to Chalmette, they said they
had a newer dish so I got a new dish installed for free.

A neighbor last week had a very very large man from one of the independent
dealers try to install her Direct TV and he fell off the roof and left in an

Suggest you call the national number for Direct TV and get their authorized
installer even if you have to wait for your turn to come up. By the way,
someone told me Cox is using free lance installers and a friend of a friend
said that these installers didn't look right to begin with and the next day
she was robbed. Seems they left the bedroom window unlocked in the room they
installed the cable tv and NOPD said it was not the first time this was
happening. Guess Cox is scraping the bottom of the barrel like everyone else
to find workers.


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