[StBernard] Question about Oil Spill Area and Aug. 29th deadline

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Wed Aug 23 21:48:34 EDT 2006


The issue of the oil spill area is this: FEMA has approved demolition in
the oil spill area and there is a Right of Entry form that has received
preliminary approval that will need to be signed. If an owner has opted out
of the class action suit then the owner can move forward with the process.
If an owner has not opted out of the class action then the owner will need
to have the property released from the class action legal lead. This was
disclosed to us at the end of the week and confirmed by our legal

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Mr. Taffaro,

I went to the Info Trailer on the 18th to check on the status of the
Christian Contractors and where I could get in touch with them and was told
that they were no longer in St. Bernard -- this is info I was not aware of
and if it was on this web site I missed it. So what happens now to those of
us in the oil spill area?? Has FEMA decided to demo in this area??

Thanks for any info you might have


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