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a damage assessment under 50% means that the structure in your example does
not have to be concerned with elevation.

regardless of the damage assessment, LRA will assess the cost to repair for
grant amount eligibility.

a damage assessment above 50% will require some type of repair work be
started prior to the 1st of Sept for LRA eligibility or the LRA has`stated
that that owners accessing the LRA grant will have to follow the ABFE
requirement- the easiest way to document the start of the repair process is
to get an electrical permit filed.

The electrical permit will also suffice for the FEMA requirements should the
ABFEs be adopted by the parish and so will the newly developed building
permit when it is approved, hopefully this week.

Keep in mind that in order to get an electrical permit, a house with a
damage assessment between 30 - 60 or above should get a licensed contractor
or structural engineer and file it with community development Hope this

Good luck and God Bless,

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Beyond, in THIS case, means AFTER.

IF built after 1977 and the house was declared 30-60% is an example here.

Does this mean there will be less LRA money if one considers a relocation
elsewhere (in St. Bernard, or Louisiana, --that one MUST rebuld in the same
location to get full money? What's the benefit using this example? Would it
be best for the homeowner to have 49% or 51 % to receive the better part of
the financial help availble to them? thanks, mj.

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