[StBernard] LRA application

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Fri Aug 25 21:13:22 EDT 2006

Here's my story on the LRA application. Having filled out the "registration"
on line the first week it was issued last spring, I , too, was surprised
that LRA refers to that as just an indication as to who was interested in
LRA funds. Well, it took a lot of time to fill that out and I was unable to
print what was submittted at that time.

Well, I understand that the LRA decided that the information they needed now
is different from what we all provided to "register", so I went online to
"apply" for myself and relatives.
The on line portal was down, I suppose to overwhelming response of those
trying to submit online. The alternatives on the website were to 1) wait for
the application to arrive in the mail if you had already "registered" 2)
call for an application to be mailed 3) pick up an application at an LRA
office, although no addresses were listed.

Knowing that the Chalmette office had opened, I stopped by and picked up
several applications and even brought some to work for co-workers to save
them the time and trouble to get to an LRA office. I mentioned to the LRA
office staff and Walter Leger, who just happened to be there, that if
someone can get on the internet, why not allow a download of the
application? Saves phone calls, postage, and trips to an LRA office. They
seemed surprise that the form couldn't be downloaded and said they would
pass on this suggestion.

If someone reading this for St. Bernard Parish could just do a pdf of the
application it could be posted on the www.sbpg.net so that people could
print it. Even if you plan to submit online, it's a lot easier to have the
paper form, fill it out by hand to organize all the information needed, and
then get into a computer. This might even help the LRA website from crashing
as it would have taken me awhile to look up the facts and figures while
logged on to fill it out online.

Suggestion-mail it return receipt requested to ensure that you mailed it and
the LRA received it. From what I have heard, only after they receive the
"application" will you be called to schedule an appointment with an LRA

Deborah Keller

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