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Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Aug 28 20:50:18 EDT 2006

I know of someone who called & registered. They were called for an interview & received $3000.00. When I called the numbers, I told the lady who answered that I was interested in receiving assistance from the fund. She just asked if I was from the 70117 zip code (which is the 9th ward). When I stated no, she said they were only accepting that zip code on that day. On the second call, she just stated that it was only for people from New Orleans. She never said anything about it being for organizations only.

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I went on the Bush Clinton Katrina Fund website this is what I found.

Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund

The Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund is made possible by contributions received from donors throughout the nation and the world in response to Hurricanes Katrina.
The Fund was set up to provide grants for medium to long-term recovery needs in the affected areas. The Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund seeks to make a distinct impact on the unmet needs of the affected region in the following areas:

• Financial self-sufficiency
• Economic opportunity
• Quality of Life

The Fund will not provide direct assistance to individuals or programs. Rather, it will work primarily through partnerships and collaborations with other organizations in the following categories:

• Intermediary grantmakers: Organizations with experience in grantmaking at the county/parish, state, and regional levels.
• Direct service entities: Institutions that operate directly (rather than as intermediary grantmakers) at the community, county/parish, state, or regional level (including national nonprofit agencies operating at those levels).

The Fund expects to conduct most of its grantmaking on its own initiative, by supporting projects selected in consultation with other grantmakers and government entities in the Gulf region. But it will accept unsolicited applications that focus on meeting unmet or undermet needs in the integrated recovery and rebuilding process. Organizations must demonstrate that the needs addressed in the project cannot be met through other sources of financing and that there is a high level of coordination with other interdependent pieces of community development.

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