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Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Aug 28 23:06:01 EDT 2006


Who or how is the determination made as to what streets are selected to have
their debris collected? For the past three weeks in a row, clean-up crews
have been removing storm debris on a daily basis, while Corinne Drive and
Genie Street have both been ignored for the past two months. For example,
just past St. Marks Church there is a pile of debris that has been sitting
there so long in front of one house that the pile NEEDS A GRASS CUTTING.
To make matters worse, the debris is on top of a drain, so for two-three
houses down there is water that has been sitting there so long it is green
ans stagnant. There are three similar homes further down the block that the
parish has failed to retrieve the debris, even though it is clearly from
gutting the homes.

There is a home at the corner of Genie and Gallo streets that has been
demolished, however the debris remains there even though the demolition took
place nearly three months ago. Take a drive down Genie at night and you
will no doubt see rats running back and forth from the demolished home.
There has been a significant clean-up effort as we near the deadline set by
the parish council.. This is obviously a good thing, but the parish
officials need to insure that the debris originating from these clean-up
efforts are performed in a timely manner.

I know that you do your best every day and I know that your efforts are
greatly appreciated. I don't mean to be critical, but I believe that these
items are valid concerns that need to be addressed. If this communication
needs to be directed to someone else, please let me know.

Thank you.

John Richardson

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