[StBernard] Is Louisiana Democratic Party Ethnic-Baiting With Jindal?

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Sep 9 10:52:55 EDT 2006

Is Louisiana Democratic Party Ethnic-Baiting With Jindal?
Author: Steve Sabludowsky | 9/9/2006

The latest Louisiana Democratic Newsletter, says, "Piyush Jindal Running for
Governor on Federal Dollars?

It says, "If Piyush "Bobby" Jindal is attempting to keep his quest for the
governor's office under wraps, he's failing miserably," said Democratic
Party Chairman Chris Whittington.

Whittingham goes on to say that Jindal has been criss-crossing the state and
it appears he is running for the governor's seat.

Surey, the reference to "Piyush" is a blatant attempt to focus upon Jindal's
Indian heritage--whether that name is his formal name or not. The truth is,
everybody knows for years, Jindal has been going by the name Bobby.

Whether Jindal is running or not is not the issue. Whether he is using
federal dollars to further his own campaign is a matter the Democrats should
take to a higher legal authority-- if it is true and if it is improper.
But, what is total ethnic-baiting is that this is a brazen attempt of
getting the same voters who would not vote for a foreign-born American to
use their hate as they did almost four years ago, mortally wounding Jindal's

Jndal has been a diligent Louisiana Congressman with whom the state should
be proud. If he has broken a federal law for visiting locations outside of
his district is a question the Democratic Party should investigate. Whether
he should be Governor is a question on the merits, not, by casting him as an

Governor Blanco should distance herself from this very ugly and obvious
attempt to smear Jindal. She knows how unfair it has been to see her name
and facts abused on a daily basis. Whittingham, in turn, should be ashamed
of himself. He does not represent the Democratic party of compassion--but
partisan bias. We should be trying to recover from a deadly devastating
storm which should be bringing us together, not dividing us as foreigners
versus "true-Louisianians".

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