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An Update from Bobby
September 10, 2006
Dear Friends-

Lowering gas prices and helping our state

A discovery this week in the Gulf of Mexico has the potential to help our
state and lower energy prices at the gas pump. Chevron announced test
results showing a significant oil discovery off of our coastline that could
increase U.S. oil reserves significantly, perhaps by as much as 15 billion
barrels. This comes not a moment too soon after a summer of paying record
prices at gas stations around the state and country.

Not only is this good for the nation, but it could be very significant for
our state because of a bill I introduced in Congress. My bipartisan bill,
the Deep Ocean Energy Resources Act of 2006 (H.R. 4761), would provide
Louisiana with offshore energy royalties from both current and future energy
leases, including the huge Chevron find. My bill passed the House of
Representatives, and the U.S. Senate passed a similar, but less
comprehensive version. Now leaders in Congress are working out final
details of a bill to send to the President for his signature.

The announcement from Chevron this week serves as a reminder to the rest of
the nation of the critical and vital role Louisiana plays in providing a
significant portion of the U.S. energy supply. This discovery would result
in a considerable amount of offshore royalties for Louisiana if the language
that is currently in my bill is agreed to in conference committee. While
compromises must be reached, I have strongly encouraged the leadership to
give Louisiana our fair share of these royalties.

My bill would provide Louisiana with $9 billion over the first 10 years and
nearly $2 billion a year once fully implemented. The Senate bill would
provide significantly less money to Louisiana because it primarily deals
with only future leases in the Gulf of Mexico while my bill would apply to
existing and future leases in the region, for example, including the Chevron

Newspapers in Louisiana agree that we must fight for our fair share. There
were two stories that ran this week that I wanted to share with you on this

Houma Courier story

One highlight of the editorial: "The royalties that the state could get from
the deal U.S. Rep. Bobby Jindal, R-Metairie, was able to get his colleagues
in the U.S. House to sign off on would be richer."

The Times-Picayune story

One highlight in the editorial: "But in fairness, Louisiana also should
benefit from the royalties that this new production will bring. A House bill
sponsored by Rep. Bobby Jindal would give Louisiana and other coastal
energy-producing states a share of royalties from wells drilled on existing
leases -- like this one. A more narrow Senate bill applies only to new
drilling in Lease Area 181, a section of the eastern Gulf of Mexico."

National Senate leaders support our efforts

In addition, national Senate leaders spoke out this week and said that
legislation concerning offshore energy is a priority. They also said that a
compromise should be able to be reached by the end of September.

These comments by the Senate Leadership are a great sign that both sides
have listened to our calls for a compromise so we can send a final bill to
the President, and ensure that Louisiana begins to receive a fair portion of
offshore energy royalties. There are still important differences for
Louisiana that remain between the two bills, and I will continue to push for
the best deal for Louisiana, while ensuring that a compromise can be reached
and passed soon. We cannot sacrifice the good, while trying to achieve the
perfect. Too much is at stake for this to happen.

Some highlights from the Senate leaders comments in a Capitol Hill

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chair Pete Domenici (R-NM),
said that despite unresolved differences between the two bills, Congress
will "get it done" before lawmakers leave to return to their districts at
the beginning of October.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) said that the offshore energy issue
is high on the agenda this month because the legislation could lead to lower
gas prices, an area where "the typical American is feeling squeezed in terms
of cost of living."

I will continue to push my colleagues to come to the table willing to
negotiate, so that we can get a bill to the President soon.

Kicking off the campaign!

Thank you to all of you who came out to celebrate at the Labor Day picnic in
Kenner this week. My family and I had a great time visiting with so many of
our friends and supporters!

In addition, many of you have signed up to help with our Friendly Neighbor
program, so I wanted to tell you a little bit more about it. By signing up
to help as a Friendly Neighbor, you are joining a great group of people who
are committed to making our state a better place.

Friendly Neighbors are an invaluable part of our campaign efforts, and serve
as a direct link from the campaign to your individual neighborhood. It
takes a very small time commitment, but can have a huge impact on this

Friendly Neighbors will:

* Share with your neighbors why you support our campaign before Election
* Remind your neighbors to vote on Election Day

We will be sending out a special neighborhood campaign kit to our Friendly
Neighbors later this month.

If you have not signed up to be a Friendly Neighbor yet, I hope you will
email info at bobbyjindal.com <mailto:info at bobbyjindal.com> to help win this
election! You can also request a yard sign to display in the First District
or a bumper sticker for your vehicle. It is going to be an exciting
campaign, and I hope you will join us in our efforts.

As always, please feel free to contact my offices if we can be of assistance
to you.

Bobby Jindal

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