[StBernard] St. Bernard Parish needs you to Vote Sep 30

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Sep 16 20:13:25 EDT 2006

Speaking of voting...

On the November 7th ballot, we are being asked to vote for several millage
renewals. At the top of the list at Items 1 & 2 are millage renewals for
the St. Bernard Parish Library. Since I am no longer an employee of the
library, I can ask my fellow residents to please continue to support our
library. All of the items listed on the ballot are RENEWALS not new
millages. And in the library's case the millages that are being renewed are
for less mils that originally voted on. Before Katrina, the millages had to
be adjusted because of changes in property values--the millages are based on
property taxes--and the Council voted not to roll the millages forward at
the originally voted on amount. Instead they lowered the millage. That
reduced amount is what is being renewed. As one person explained during the
Council's discussion--the amount we are asking for could be picked up from
the car mat in each resident's car!

Please remember that these are not new monies that are being asked for. The
monies generated from these millages can go a long way to helping make St.
Bernard whole once more. Please remember that the St. Bernard Parish
Library provides services to its patrons in the form of my favorite--books,
magazines, newspapers, videos, books on tape, free internet access, adult
programs, meeting room facilities, reference tools/materials and what I so

Please help us to be able to continue serving the residents of St. Bernard,



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