[StBernard] Craig Romero Endorsements in Tuesday Election for Congress

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Fri Nov 3 21:15:05 EST 2006

Craig Romero for Congress letterhead

Dear Friends,

Tuesday is a very important election. The future of our very nation is at

* Our current Congressman supports and sits in Congress with those who
want to raise taxes, cut and run from the war on terrorism, and promote
abortion on demand. He sits with those who oppose efforts to stop illegal
immigration and who support gay marriage.
* I believe that we need to take a conservative course toward lower
taxes, family values, stopping illegal immigration and ensuring our families
are protected from terrorism and crime.

I am proud to announce that I have received the endorsement of National
RIGHT-TO-LIFE. They know I have a strong pro-family voting record. I am
100% Pro-Life.

Bobby Jindal and David Vitter have endorsed me because they know I will work
with them - not oppose them - in their effort to get more oil and gas
royalty for our coast and to support conservative values.

In an effort to stop you from hearing these issues, the current Congressman
has attacked me with untrue negative attacks. The fact is that I have never
been fined, I have never had my personal integrity questioned and I have
been re-elected over and over again to the State Senate because the people
know I fight for them.

Because I want you to know where I stand, I have put out an 11-point Better
Plan for South Louisiana's future. This plan is available in the newsroom
on my website at http://www.craigromero.com. I hope you will take the time
to look at my plan.

Below is a press release I put out yesterday with a long list of those who
have endorsed me.

Especially in these times when my family has been attacked, we thank you for
your friendship and your support.

Craig Romero

Romero Announces More Key Endorsements In Advance of Tuesday's Vote

(New Iberia, LA) - Craig Romero today announced even more endorsements in
this race for Congress.

Within the last few days Romero has announced the endorsement of the key
PRO-LIFE group the National Right-to-Life. Romero also picked up crossover
support when he received the endorsement of the Louisiana Regular Democratic
Organization, or RDO.

These organizations joined Senator David Vitter and Congressman Bobby Jindal
who endorsed Romero in September.

Now Romero is releasing his list of additional leaders who have signed
written statements of endorsement and support.

Each added their signature to make the following statement: " Louisiana
needs strong leadership fighting for us in Washington, DC. As a State
Senator and local leader with two decades of proven results, Craig Romero is
the right person to serve the 3rd Congressional District in Washington. I
endorse Craig Romero and I urge others to support him and the people of the
3rd District to come out and vote for Craig Romero for Congress on November

The following is the list including key Republican, Democrat and independent
community leaders:

US Senator David Vitter-R
US Congressman Bobby Jindal-R
National Co-Founder of Christian Coalition, Dr. Billy McCormack
Iberia Parish Councilwoman Maggie Daniels-D
Iberia Parish Councilman Ray Fremin Jr.-R
New Iberia Councilman Rocky Romero-O
New Iberia Councilman Ernest Wilson-O
New Iberia Councilman Raymond "Shoe Do" Lewis-D
St. Martinville Councilman Craig Prosper-D
New Iberia Councilman Dan Doerle-D
St. Martinville City Councilman Dennis Williams-O
St. Martinville City Councilman Arthur Champ Jr.-D
St. Martin Parish Councilman Fred Mills Jr.-D
Mayor of Jeanerette Arthur Verret-D
St. Martinville Mayor Hon. Thomas Nelson-D
State Representativeresentative Gordon Dove-R
State Senator Heulette Fontenot-R
State Senator Ken Hollis-R
Iberia Parish Assessor Rickey Huval-D
Lafourche Parish Council Member Mark Atzenhoffer-R
New Iberia Councilwoman Peggy Gerac-O
Clerk of Court St. Martin District Allen Blanchard, Sr.-D
Breaux Bridge City Councilman Howard "Doc" Alexander-D
Iberia Parish Councilman Zeb Simon-D
Former Iberia Parish Councilman Stanley J. Small-O
Delcambre City Councilman Leo Delcambre-D
Delcambre City Councilman Donald "Phonse" Martin-D
Iberia Parish School Board Member Robbie Leblanc-O
Former Mayor of St. Martinville Eric Martin-D
Police Chief of Henderson Charles Thibodeaux-D
Mayor of Henderson Sherbin Collette-D
Breaux Bridge City Councilman Albert "Da Da" Menard-D
Breaux Bridge City Councilman Ricky Calais-R
Iberia Port Commissioner Mark Dore-D
Terrebonne Parish President Barry Bonvillain-D
Assessor of Terrebonne Parish Gene Bonvillain-D
Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman, Roger Villere-R
State Senator Robert Kostelka -R
State Senator Walter Boasso-R
State Senator Max Malone-R
State Senator Mike Michot-R
State Senator Julie Quinn-R
State Senator Tom Schedler-R
State Senator Gerald Theunissen-R
State Representative Sydnie Mae Durand-D
State Representative Kay Katz-R
State Representative Ernie Alexander-R
State Representative Dan "Blade" Morrish-D
State Representative Don Trahan-R
State Representative MJ Mert Smiley Jr.-R
State Representative Mike Walsworth-R
State Representative Tim Burns-R
State Representative Gary Beard-R
State Representative Ronnie Johns-R
State Representative Jim Tucker-R
State Representative Loulan Pitre, Jr.-R
State Representative Emile "Peppi" Bruneau-R
State Representative Tom McVea-R
State Representative A Q Crowe-R
State Representative Wayne Waddell-R
State Representative Mike Powell-R
State Representative Brett Geymann-R
State Representative Chuck Kleckley-R
State Representative Jane Smith -R

(signatures of endorsements on file in campaign office)


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