[StBernard] SDT Waste Management?

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Fri Nov 3 21:20:14 EST 2006


Would it not be possible, especially for big contracts like this, to mandate
a performance bond? From what little discussions I've had with bonds of
this type, they are relatively cheap, so any bidder should not have a
problem with securing one.


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John Scurich,

while the bid every contract proposal is a sound process and I agree with
the bid process for many , there is always the problem of a bid process that
allows a company or individual to low bid a project and not be able to
fulfill the quality or scope of work that is required, even when it is
spelled out in the bid specs. then a government entity is faced with
expensive legal battles to cancel the contract, rebid the project, for
likely a higher price, and delay the project altogether. when properly
implemented, a request for proposal (on thiings like professional services)
does have the ability to balance quality/expertise of work and price through
weighting the content of the proposals publically and can effectively screen
for any number of concerns- especially when it is a public process.


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