Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Nov 27 22:56:54 EST 2006

"The north shore really needed this food," he said. "We have people coming
in every day telling us, 'Chalmette's bad luck is our good luck.' "

I know everybody had to decide their own fate and go where they felt more
comfortable, but don't these people realize that Chalmette (who supported
them all of these years) need that food, also ? I am glad to see that these
Chalmette businesses are doing well, but having supported them tremendously
over the years, I really felt betrayed that they didn't feel the need to
come back & help us economically (especially when I was so loyal to them
when they were here) . And I am not only speaking about these 2 businesses,
but others who have deserted us as well.


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