[StBernard] Governor Blanco Announces Road Home Changes

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Dec 26 23:18:57 EST 2006


You raise a good point. Whether the ICF hires their own staff of appraisers
or has everyone go out and get their own, who will pay for it and how much
does this add to the slow down of the process? My gutt feeling is most
people would be willing to pay for the appraisal (or have the cost deducted
from whatever they would eventually get) if it meant not having to wait much
longer to finally receive the assistance they are entitled to.

Whatever is decided, you're right about the LRA needing to make a quick
determination on this.

John Scurich

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> to John Scurich and all,


> my sources tell me that ICF may be looking to hire appraisers that would


> the valuation and the private appraisal may be used as an appeal process.

> Nothing etched in stone- the problem is with the design again- appraisals

> at this point add another layer of process that has to be reconciled.


> here is the basic problem at this point- TIME and MONEY


> starting a new appraisal process now does nothing to address the time


> and may or may not address the money issue depending on the process.


> while I think our own local appraisers have a much much better idea on the

> valuation than the ICF folks (who did check with experts, then did not

> follow their information), the quickest and most equitable path now is to

> establish a defendable amount of valuation and calcualte across the board.

> accuracy is a non-existent thiing at this point.


> this is in no way a statement about using John or any other reputable

> appraiser- i think it is a needed part of the process if the direct path


> not ordered by the governor.


> Good luck and God Bless,

> Craig

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