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Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Jan 29 22:09:20 EST 2007

I wish the qualifications for every FEMA employee is to have lived through a
catastrophe, maybe then they wouldn't keep putting the horse before the
cart. Ms Simms

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> Another case of, "We're with the government and we're here to help."


> Westley


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> SNOW JOB: Colorado ranchers are having trouble getting federal aid for

> the major blizzard that hit in December. The Federal Emergency

> Management Agency is waiting for documented proof of how much snow fell

> to compare it to historical averages so it can approve claims -- but

> the gauges can't be read. They're still buried in snow. (Rocky Mountain

> News) ...Usually when you put on hip boots to deal with the government,

> it's because of a different kind of pileup.


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