[StBernard] Enforcement to begin today on St. Bernard Parish

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Feb 17 01:33:04 EST 2007


No we do not expect miracles. No the parish is not going to be the same for
some time. But what we expect and I am sure it is what you expect in your
new neighborhood is respect. By not cleaning up and keeping your property
clean you are disrespecting us. These are neighborhoods zoned the same as
your new area. You were required to cut your grass before the storm, why is
it any different now. We are not asking for anything more then what you are
in your new area. "Unless you are or was one of those neighbors that all the
other neighbors wish would move." For you to say that because I choose to
return I need to live with your trash is appalling. There are many people
out there that have decided not to return who have respect for themselves
and for us by keeping their properties clean. If you do not want the
trouble, then turn your property over to the parish, we would love to have
more green space. As said before, it does not cost you to clean up. For
the grass you can buy some weed/grass killer and spray it for a cost of
about $20.00. It should last at least three to four weeks. Take some prior
in yourself, what you leave behind is a sign of who you really are.

A proud returning St. Bernardian

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