[StBernard] Fines (Jer) & Question for Craig

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Feb 17 01:33:05 EST 2007

remember the good old days

Well, its human nature to remember the good ole days as better than they
were. Includes my grandparents who remember even living during WW2 as more
positive than it could have been.
Anyways, the lawn tool rental idea might appeal to a business savy person,
to start such a rental place. There used to be an equipment rental place on
Paris(h) Road. Many wonder where to find a bobcat, fork lift, something to
scrape the dirt from the front yard, or even a wheel barrel and shovel for
that matter.

There may be someone who is savvy in such and could start a thriving parish
rental business. (I myself have no business sense, and the poor chap who
does will probably be labeled an opportunist, but an opportunity taken is
better than an opportunity missed).

One more note: Please stop the bashing. Those of us who returned may be
stupid, but we are stubborn and have pride. We know it wont be the same for
a while, probably never, but we decided to come back and make the best of
it. We wont sit by idly and live in a hovel without doing something about
it. The council knows this and decides how to do it.
Those who left, we DONT bash you for 'abandoning' the parish, but wish you
strength in your own struggles to establish a new 'home' elsewhere while
dealing with property responsibilities down here, hoping you decide the
options workable for your situation.
Lets all respect each others decision and dont try to make one or the other
group come out as second class citizens who 'deserve' what they got. The
only thing we all deserve, is some respect and hope for assistance. God
bless us all, in whatever direction we are going.


The "Road Home" is paved with good intentions......

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