[StBernard] Enforcement to begin today on St. Bernard Parishgrass/debris ordinance

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Feb 17 01:33:05 EST 2007

Let's assume that this newsgroup of da-parish represents but a small
portion of people who are/were residents of St. Bernard and that but a 1-5%
of the parish has actually offered their opinion in the matter about
"enforcement" at the sake of the "underpriviledged" in terms of financial

Wouldn't this be a deluge of folks who are disappointed at their
government/leaders, etc. if all 100% of them are asked whether alternatives
can be made in lieu of enforcing one to experience hardships beyond their
means? I don't have the answer because I've been jacked already and can
lease afford to think straight, but neither is it my responsibility.

I for one, moreover, would be happy to make it nice for everyone if able.
And, why are we to assume that but a few on one message board would
represent the masses who are overindulged/overwhelmed with misery and
financial ruin because of our endearing disaster?

We pray for help--firstly from God, then from whomever *sincerely* gives a
crap for us.


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