[StBernard] State Farm: No new home policies in Miss.

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Feb 17 01:33:05 EST 2007

Maybe it IS time that the Fed. Government pick up Disaster Insurance
(declared Fed Disaster) as they do flood insurance. What difference does it
make since the Fed government paid off Flood insurance quickly, etc. Going
through a disaster by means of Congress giving disaster help anyhow, then
waiting for the "Road HomeOPHOBIC" PROGRAM to do anything by ineptness, etc.

Why NOT get America help when it's needed? Insurance companies don't wish to
do high-risk areas anyhow, and if they do, we can't afford the over-the-head
premiums to cover things. --Concerning State Farm/Allstate, etc.. Louisiana
is next, perhaps. Even with a regular homeowner's policy, in my experience,
4 times a claim in 30 yrs. and none-were-paid-2-Me in damages occurred (not
if you consider a hot water heater bursting, etc...


And as I wrote on nola.com, they should be disallowed from writing ANY
insurance policies in MS to include auto. I also wonder about the $1
billion dollar figure State Farm cites. Was that including flood payments?

Let's see: they are taken to court and agree out of court to settle $80
million on homeowners, they made in the BILLIONS in profits and they still
kevetch? N O W A Y


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