[StBernard] Steady Progress?

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Feb 17 22:24:33 EST 2007

Judging from the lack of movement back in the Murphy Oil Spill area, I'd
gather that this area of Chalmette carries with it the most fear of living
in that area. Take for instance that I was an avid gardner, tilling the
earth and eating my own grown veggies.

I feel that I can never trust eating food on the grounds that were
contaminated by the spill. I never tried to eat from utensils/pots, etc. or
wear the clothes (even if all were cleaned immensely) that also were

I'm sure most of St. Bernard can attest to their own personal fears of
returning. But one thing comes to mind, besides the oil spill area. This
evening, I saw a video on You-Tube by Vaccarelli. He lamented with each
second passing while he videoed the storm and water rising to second
stories. His anguish and disbelief was followed continuously with
"kick-in-da-pants and a prayer that this would never happen to him again. He
shouted to people cutting through rooftops and seeing their boats, batteries
floating away/damaged. Through his anxiety, he expressed his feelings
sincerely as he realized his danger of being in a storm he should not have
encountered. Tough guy or not, he's made that decision in his moment of
tragedy. We wonder how he feels today?

God be with people who feel they will get through still more future
hurricanes. Whether it's noble to look disaster in the eye and spit or
stupidity, depends upon which angle an individual uses to defeat Mr.
Destiny. One thing we know when it comes to disasters: it's not IF, but
WHEN. Everyone should be cautiously optimistic whether they decide to stick
it out in St. Bernard or face other situations away from what is/was--their


I continue to read people talk like this, see below and I can't understand
it. I am okay with each person making the best decision for their family
but what I don't understand is how for some reason its unsafe to live in St.

Bernard currently, if it is now then it was before so it makes no sense
whatsoever. I have been back for 13 months now, I see progress everyday and

also see my kids smile when they go to school with the kids they are used to

going with, their friends. Now I like to think of myself as a good father
and my kids would not be here if it wasn't safe or if I thought it was
unsafe. Again in 13 months they have not been sick at all, when I say sick
like major illness or flu etc. Sure they have had an occasional runny nose
because they go to school with 1,700 other kids but that is everywhere
including where you live now.

I can't stand that some misconception is keeping good people from coming
back to St. Bernard Parish but I guess there is no way to calm fears that
some people have. All I know is that being down here I can tell more and
more people are either convinced the parish is safe to live in or they are
tired of living where they were. Plenty of former St. Bernard Parish
children are tired of attending school elsewhere too so that will bring
people back soon.

Again I am fine with others having their own opinion on their families
safety but I just feel they have bad information. This parish is coming
back and I just wish people that wanted to be here were not coming back
because of false information.


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