[StBernard] State Farm: No new home policies in Miss.

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Feb 17 22:43:55 EST 2007








> I believe that is the first thing in insurance reform that should be

>written....you can't pick and choose what you're going to write. AND, I

>don't mean just auto, what about life, health, long term care, etc. If you

>want to practice any form of business, you can't pick and choose, this


>include all of those with loan and savings as well. I believe that all

>natural disasters should be covered and the premium as such be set at what

>it is.... this separate policy thing is nothing more than to screw the

>common man who can't read the 22 pages of crap they put before you to sign

>and you believe they'll be there for you when you need them. I believe that

>the time has come to pass where (and I mean this in no way to offend


>lawyers have made it impossible for lay people to protect

>themselves...lawyers write the policies and you need a lawyer to read and

>understand them....It shouldn't be like this, you're either covered or

>not...none of this if the water comes through your attic you are, but if


>river tops it's considered rising water...but if you're hot water heater




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