[StBernard] Getting over it?

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun Feb 18 18:33:17 EST 2007

Here, here, Laurie.

One thing that still affects me to this day (and having counseling
experiece, also, Craig can also attest to this:

As it's been a year and a half since our tragedy, I've come across MANY who
haven't a likewise experiece (and this includes family, friends or just
commonfolk) who approaches me (and mine) with a key phrase that sends chills
of stupidy down my spine from an abhorrent external source. This statement

"Get Over it"

Somehow they feel that with such a "profound" statement as this on their
part will be the epitomy of consolation. The ignorance of the solace is
chilling enough because it plays on an assumption that we have been cured
miracuously a month after Katrina. Yes, keeping ourselves BZ or moving on
(yes, some would say in a positive manner while others believe a grieving
process for some can be drawn out in one's own time) can be therapeutic to

The magnitude of this event deepened to the bone. Since when are
post-traumatic people cured simply because they climbed out of the water,
saw their properties upon revisiting their loss or waved some magic wand as
though they were Glinda or Houdini? To some, it will take many years if at

Hardships are not necessarily conjured up to excuse oneself for not "paying
up", contributing, or just doing the neighborly thing. It's real as our
faith in the Almighty who has offered His love to get us through. Doing the
right thing is noble, but offering real-time explanations that one can be
financially strapped is about as real as it can get. Striking one when down
is not a good thing. It's anger vented wrongly because we wish something
moving along when Governments cannot (broke), will not or cannot because of
an inept management system. The aim is either a little high or low depending
upon whether you were aiming as such, thus striking a victim. Aim properly
at the right people and truly you could hit your target correctly.



I agree with you that it is a matter of respect for the people returning. I

live on the northshore for now but I still have property in St. Bernard that

I am working on, one at a time. We do cut our grass and it is not a
hardship for us. But keep in mind that many people may not be so close or
have the means to travel to do this work or check on someone they hired that

was supposed to do it. Many may be elderly. Many are too overwhelmed,
still. It still has to be done and they need to work on maybe finding
someone trustworthy to hire to do it for them. Craig, maybe you guys in the

government could post on the web site some approved and trustworthy people
with grasscutting businesses in the parish to help the people that are still

far away. I know that cleaning and grass cutting is just the very least
that people need to do and it is right for the government to keep nudging
people forward.


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