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Life Educational Alternative Program
Academic Excellence with SAT
February 2007
In This Issue

* Stanford Achievement Testing
* Our Vision

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The Life Educational Alternative Program Administers the Stanford 10
Achievement Test to Every Student at Years End. The SAT 10 Will Help Guide
Learning Toward High Academic Standards.

Stanford Achievement Testing

Academic Excellence with SAT

The standard of excellence in achievement testing for over 80 years, the
Stanford Achievement Test Series now offers a state-of-the-art tenth edition
to measure student progress toward high academic standards. The Stanford 10
(SAT 10) multiple-choice assessment will help LEAP Supervisors find out what
students know and are able to do. This technically excellent instrument
provides the valid and reliable tool needed for objective measurement of
achievement. Administrators will obtain reliable data to evaluate progress
toward meeting the challenges set forth by the No Child Left Behind Act and
national and state standards and high expectations. Our Academic Supervisors
will identify and help students who are at risk of being left behind.
Parents will understand what their children know, and can do, and how they
can help

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Our Vision

How You Can Help Establish a LEAP Satellite School in Your Community

Our vision is to establish community satellite schools in St. Bernard
Parish! These LEAP satellite schools will offer at-risk, and troubled youth
an opportunity to change the direction of their life, and achieve academic

We are looking for donated space in St. Bernard Parish to establish LEAP
satellite schools! If you are interested in becoming a part of the LEAP
Vision, please contact us at 439-9941.

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Please consider making a donation to the Life Educational Alternative
Program. Your gift will help us transform at-risk/troubled St. Bernard
Parish Youth into productive citizens. www.leapinfo.net


Bro. Kenneth Forsyth, MSC
Life Educational Alternative Program

Email: socfoodbank at netzero.com
Phone: (504) 439-9941
Web: http://leapinfo.net

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