[StBernard] Demo List NOT Updated

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun Feb 18 18:46:02 EST 2007


I filled out the appeal and turned it in. The house is gutted, pressure
washed, mold and termite treated, new roof, grass cut, electrial permit
filed and structural engineers report filed, waiting on the windows to
arrive. Doors will be put in on Friday if all goes well. I attached copies
of everything I have to the appeal. I don't understand why the house was
ever put on the list. The girl in the office said it must have been a
mistake and they would go and inspect in person, but it is still on the list

as far as the web site is concerned. Maybe it has not been enough time. I
will call on Wed. when the office is open and check on the status to follow
up on getting it removed from the list. I think the girl in the office was
telling me to pull off the sticker in the meantime. She didn't mean that
pulling the sticker off would remove the house from the list. On another
note, it looks like someone, probably the parish ?, is scraping the ground
and pushing things around by the canal next to my house. They pushed a big
long heavy log onto my lawn and a long piece of metal that was a horizontal
barrier stopping cars from driving into the ditch if they do not know the
street is dead end. It was staked in the ground. They scraped up dirt and
tires and then someone put old shingles in there too so all of this is in a
big pile, mixed up together, in the front of my house again!! Who will pick

this up? I don't have a dump truck or machine to pick it up with. It needs

one of those machines with a scoopy arm thing. It is not gutting debris.
Are they trying to get better access to the canal for some reason, maybe to
fix the power lines? What is going on at the end of Pierre Street? Just
when I get my lawn clean and grass cut, someone comes and does this!! It's
driving me crazy!! It is obvious that machinery is doing this, why don't
they pick up the pile of stuff they create, or send the right person over to

do it? Help me understand and put me in touch with the right person to get
rid of this.


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