[StBernard] Request to Mr. Taffaro

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Feb 20 23:32:51 EST 2007


I checked the February 1st listing of the houses scheduled for demolition
and do not find 3205 (work order 04931), nor 3213 (which has a condemned
sticker boldly affixed) Corinne Drive listed. Neither house has been gutted
and both have stickers on them. In addition, 3509 Charles Drive must have
been overlooked as there is no sticker and the house has never been gutted
and the grass is overgrown.

Can you please have these homes added to the Demo List, or have someone
verify the information I am providing and then place them on the list?

Also, I have called three times to advise that water is continually running
on the right hand side of 3006 Corinne Drive, however the Water Board has
yet to investigate.

Last, what department should I notify to remove a boat that is completely
filled with debris? The boat is between the sidewalk and the street to the
rear of St. Mark's Cafeteria. Way back when, the boat was empty, but somehow
got filled with PVC pipes from FEMA trailers, garbage, etc.

As always, any assistance that you can provide is greatly appreciated.

John Richardson

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