[StBernard] protest

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Thu Feb 22 20:10:38 EST 2007

I like the protest idea, but the news came too late as I have a trip planned
for out of town. I know time is
important, but perhaps if you offer an alternate date that gives people time
to plan around it, there will be
a better response. Maybe it could be tied into the March 11
Irish/Italian/Islenos parade-have the protestors start the parade or end the
parade and this way everyone is out there to watch it, join in the march for
a block or two, and cheer on. Maybe some people could dress as characters
from the Wizard of Oz and have a sign that says they are looking for the
yellow brick road home money! I think marching in the parade would get more
media attention than just a few people rallying at one spot. Of course, the
Sheriff's office and parish govt would have to permit it if it's before or
after the parade, or the parade organization could allow it to be an
"official" parade marching group, in which case nothing more is needed. ddk

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