[StBernard] Hundreds scramble to beat deadline for filing Katrina claim

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Feb 27 19:51:05 EST 2007

I received the info below from Bruno and Bruno and I spoke with Mr. Taylor
personally this morning. He stated that Bruno and Bruno is the leading
counsel for the suit. Although he hasn't heard about Wesley's site, I told
him to expect an onslaught of calls to his cell <G>>, since the landline
phones there are deluged with calls.

He mentioned that there was mix-up in the language that the Corps found a
"loophole" and the judge accepted the new language in their Claim Form 95
posted on the Bruno website.


Anyone who has not done so and wishes to file, should do so IMMEDIATELY as
it has to reach the CORPS (below) by Wed and also send a copy to Bruno &
Bruno. (next day mailing might be suggested as time draws near).

The Corps he said, should then notify claimants by postal mail at some
point. Each member of the household should complete a claimant form (mother
or father can complete their minor child and sign for them. Agee 18 or over
is considered an adult and should complete/sign their own.

My thanks to Jacob for his info to clarify things. My thankless effort goes
to the corps for helping us experience this trauma and trying to wiggle out
of the suit with challenging the original language of the document to help
good people panic.

Good luck folks!!


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