[StBernard] Demo & Tree on lawn

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Feb 27 22:31:00 EST 2007

Call URG at 277-6811


We had our house on Veronica Dr. Demo'd in late Decemeber. The tree in front
fell on the house. While the demo crew was on our property they we going to
remove the stump and level the yard but we had a street light pedestal that
was entwined in the roots of the tree. I got in touch with Entergy and even
though the pedestal belongs to the parish, Entergy was kind enough to come
out and reroute the wires and pedestal out of the roots. The guys that
demo'd the house told me they could come back out to level the lawn once we
got the pedestal out of the way but I have no clue how to contact them to
come back out. Do i now have to pay for this or can i get them back out to
level the lawn properly. I am in the process of looking at Modular's to put
on the site but i need to get the the the rest of the tree removed and the
lawn leveled. Can someone help me with this.

Veronica Dr Resident

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