[StBernard] nola posting February 24, 2007

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Feb 27 22:53:19 EST 2007

I am the person who wrote the post on NOLA.com that SOMEBODY else posted on
your website regarding the MRGO claims. Please print a clarification or
retraction as it appears to cast the wrong impression of the lawyers
involved and that was not my intent nor do I believe that to be accurate.
Part of the post was taken out of context and was a response to other posts.
Some of that commentary was emotion and frustration based and not that of
completley verified facts, only a repeat of what I was told and thus,
heresay or repeated information, not all of which was verified by me and
absolutely should not have been printed as if FACTUAL.

There was confusion and still is as to who must file the 95 forms for the
St.Bernard area by what date. Various law firms are involved and
conflicting and confusing information is out there. In that post possibly
inaccurate information was posted and it seems to cast aspersions on certain
people and that was not the intent. Please do not jump to any conclusions
about any attorneys. I am a lay person and not informed enough to be an
accurate measure.

Much of the misinformation comes from the news and we still do not know
accurately whether the St. Bernard claimants involving the MRGO should file
their 95 forms by the 28th of next week, February or in by August, 2007.

Also, I only meant to advise some persons who kept saying "the andry firm"
that there are several Andry Firms, all of whom are good people and good
attorneys as I know it.

I did recieve different information from 3 different firms and I don't know
who is correct or who isn't, maybe staff is incorrect, I do not know.

I was also told we should not be part of an admiralty claim and that those
are the ones due next week. The only set of forms I recieved said they need
to be filed before August, so I do not know what or why St. Bernardians are
rushing to file next week. Do you or does anybody else who is INFORMED have
an accurate answer? I do believe there is still confusion as to which firm
is filing what and on whose behalf. There are different claims for
different areas and the people of St. Bernard need somebody to find out what
we need to do in order for us to file timely for the right claims. If there
are two claims for St. Bernard, tell us what to do.


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