[StBernard] LRA

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Feb 27 22:55:29 EST 2007

What are people getting from LRA as the per sq. ft. repair costs for the
first floor of a two story home when only the first floor was damaged? $72
per sq. ft. is what their estimated repair cost divided by my first floor
sq. ft. living area turned out to be and that seems low, but I didn't pay a
contractor to do everything so I don't know what people who hired
contractors to do all the work have paid as a reference nor what others in
my situation were estimated by LRA to be. The two story homes are less than
51% damaged because only the first floor was flooded and for that they don't
use $130 per sq. ft. , they use some computer program and hocus pocus/voodoo
economics. They said on the phone they had no idea how the figure was
created but would send me some of their paperwork that I can review. And
yes, it seems that they have my pre storm value exactly $100,000 less than
the certified appraisal that's already in my file and maybe that's a typo so
they'll look into that. ddk

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