[StBernard] Contractor fraud

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Mar 10 10:35:19 EST 2007

How is it that after disasters, "contractors", builders, etc. aren't
required to "sign in", with St. Bernard Parish Government, completing
documents that hold them liable to potential homeowners/business owners? It
should include legalized wording along with
both parties contracting to have the work done, contractors bonded/insured
and thus pledging to have the work done in a reasonable amount of time,
liable for guaranteed, satisfactory work and warranted for a specific degree
of time. If this has been done, fine. Specific rights apply to both sides
(example, homeowner paying at time of completion or agreed to by homeowner
if money up front/down payment is needed).

Then when this crap happens, there's legal ramifications/liabilities with
actions to be sought. I'm not a lawyer, but how does this get to happen to
people (at least more than requires an after-the-fact, State Attorney
General to be notified, once the bad guy has hit the highway) unless some
sort of safeguards are in place? I have to see the work done and have it
seen by a building inspector, etc. before the bucks begin to flow from my
bank account.

Is it that desperate people do desperate things in desperate times the rule
and not the exception of one?


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