[StBernard] Blanco, Breaux, or Hillary Clinton...I'm in

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Mar 13 11:07:36 EDT 2007

March 12, 2007

As so often happens in Louisiana politics, every day there is another rumor
regarding somebody getting in and somebody getting out of the race for

I wanted to let you know that one thing is set in stone; I am running for
Governor. I look forward to formally kicking off my campaign after the state
legislative session, and with your help, I will win this fall.

There is something to be said for being open and honest about your
intentions. Straight talk is in very short supply in the political world.

Because of your hard work, our campaign has laid an unprecedented foundation
for success:

- 5,243 Louisianians have already signed up to volunteer to help our

- 7,281 supporters have already sent in generous donations, and

- Hundreds of locally elected officials; Republicans, Democrats, and
Independents; have already signed letters of endorsement.

I am ready and excited about winning a vigorous campaign against any and all
challengers, whether it be the incumbent Governor, former Senator John
Breaux should he move back to Louisiana and attempt to prove in court that
he meets the state Constitutional requirements, or even Hillary Clinton
should she decide to renounce her New York residency and move here to run.

It is time to leave the past behind us and create a future where we can be
proud of our state. A future where we create good paying jobs so our
children can raise their families. A future where we create an education
system that rewards our hard-working teachers and prepares our children for
success. A future where every family has access to high quality, affordable
health care.

I know we can succeed. The future of our families and our state depends on

Keeping Louisiana traditions alive

This weekend, I stopped by the Calcasieu Parish Farm Bureau to visit with
men and women in Southwest Louisiana for whom farming is a way of life.

The soybean and cattle farmers that I met are committed to running their
family farms, but are worried that their children and grandchildren will not
be able to continue these traditions.

This is a concern that goes beyond farming in our state. Yesterday, I
stopped by Delhi in Richland Parish and talked about the importance of
creating economic development throughout Louisiana. Our state is in
desperate need of economic improvements, and this is most evident in our
small towns. Whether I am in Winnfield, Vinton, or any other rural area of
our state, the issue of creating new jobs always comes up.

Our children and grandchildren want to raise their families in Louisiana,
but this will be impossible unless we are encouraging businesses in our
state to grow and working to bring in new companies. We have to stop the
brain drain that has negatively impacted our state, and left us staggering
behind other Southern states.

We cannot afford to lose any more time. Changes have to be made now if we
are going to turn our state around, and make it a place where family farms
and businesses can succeed. I told the men and women I met in Delhi that I
am committed to improving the economy of our state. I want to see
communities throughout Louisiana flourish, and I will work hard to ensure
that we turn around the current economic tide in our state.

Protecting natural habitats in Louisiana

The Natural Resources Committee in the House of Representatives passed an
important bill last week that I introduced to preserve more of the bayous,
swamps, and marshes in Louisiana.

The Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve Boundary Adjustment
Act of 2007 (H.R. 162) will expand the Barataria Preserve by more than 3,000
acres, providing protection to a crucial natural habitat. For more than a
decade, community leaders have sought protection for this area, and I am
honored to be leading the charge in Congress to make this happen.

We have to do more to protect the areas of our state that truly make us the
Sportsmen's Paradise, and I will keep working to ensure that our environment
and wildlife are protected.

I hope you have a wonderful week, and please let my office know if we can be
of any assistance to you!


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