[StBernard] Melancon Works to Resolve St. Bernard Parish and FEMA Debris ...

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Mar 19 23:01:20 EDT 2007

Do you have any idea where this somewhere was?

On the parish website I saw where they are soliciting bids for repairs to
the lift stations. FEMA will cover those costs. Further, the state has
said they will start "fronting" money to the parishes so that will give the
parish cash in hand to start work which then will be reimbursed by FEMA. I
see no reason the parish should have to file bankruptcy.

Craig, do you have any info on this?


What makes you think the parish will? They aren't walking away from

Because it was written some where, this may be the only hope for the
to go bankrupt to get the sewerage system paid for. Nice government
we have,


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