[StBernard] Animal Shelter

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun Apr 8 11:28:32 EDT 2007

This may be good idea, although I think St. Tammany is already helping, or
they were. We adopted a "Katrina" dog from the St. Tammany animal shelter
after the storm. There are several in the area under different names. The
shelters were in good condition and well maintained, but full. Our dog is
wonderful and trained to do almost anything asked of him. He was left
behind during the hurricane and found wondering along the devastation on
Hwy. 11. He was someone's dog, as he had a chip implanted in him, but
whoever he belonged to did not register themselves so they could not be
indentified or located. He is so wonderful and loveable, his previous
owners must surely have not expected this to happen or he would have never
been left behind. Everyone should try to go to a shelter to adopt an animal

if possible. Everyone always wants a puppy, but please consider an adult
animal, they make wonderful pets and you will love them.


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