[StBernard] Friends

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Wed Apr 18 20:52:18 EDT 2007

FRIENDS: Never ask for food.SOUTHERN FRIENDS: Always bring the food.
FRIENDS: Will say "hello".SOUTHERN FRIENDS: Will give you a big hug and a
FRIENDS: Have never seen you cry.SOUTHERN FRIENDS: Cry with you.
FRIENDS: Will eat at your dinner table and leave.SOUTHERN FRIENDS: Will
spend hours there, talking, laughing, and just being together.
FRIENDS: Know a few things about you.SOUTHERN FRIENDS: Could write a book
with direct quotes from you.
FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that's what the crowd is doing.SOUTHERN
FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowds' back-ends that left you.
FRIENDS: Would knock on your door.SOUTHERN FRIENDS: Walk right in and say,
"Anybody home!"
FRIENDS: Are for awhile.SOUTHERN FRIENDS: Are for life.

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